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(Akureyri, Iceland is VMA´s homefront.)
(Akureyri, Iceland is VMA´s homefront.)
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[[Media:WorkQual_PM1_AgendaAkureyri_Nov_2014_14_oct.pdf|Please look at the Agenda PDF version.]]
[[Media:WorkQual_PM1_AgendaAkureyri_Nov_2014_17_oct.pdf|Please look at the Agenda PDF version, updated Oct 17th.]]
[[Media:WorkQual_PM1_AgendaAkureyri_Nov_2014.doc|Agenda doc version.]]
[[Media:WorkQual_PM1_AgendaAkureyri_Nov_2014.doc|Agenda doc version.]]

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Akureyri, Iceland is VMA´s homefront.

Akureyri is a town of 18.000 people, a center for services in Northern Iceland. VMA is one of two colleges for students 16 - 20 years or older. MA is the other one, a purely academic gymnasium type of school.

University of Akureyri is an important part of the services for the area.

Partner Meeting 1 will be held at VMA Thursday and Friday, November 13th - 14th 2014.

Please look at the Agenda PDF version, updated Oct 17th.

Agenda doc version.