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[[File:Verkmenntaskolinn_a_Akureyri_Loftmynd09.jpg|300px|thumb|leftt|VMA buildings in Akureyri.]]
[[File:Verkmenntaskolinn_a_Akureyri_Loftmynd09.jpg|300px|thumb|left|VMA buildings in Akureyri.]]
[[File:Workqualmyndfostudagur14nov2014_front.jpg|300px|thumb|center|Attending the seminar on workplacements.]]
[[File:Workqualmyndfostudagur14nov2014_front.jpg|300px|thumb|center|Attending the seminar on workplacements.]]

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VMA buildings in Akureyri.
Attending the seminar on workplacements.


The town of Akureyri is the leading town of Northern Iceland. Visit Akureyri has information about the area.
Here you find some photos from the town of Akureyri and surroundings.

Akureyri is a town of 18.000 people, a center for services in Northern Iceland.
Two colleges for students 16 - 20 or older
VMA is the Vocational College.
MA is the other one, a purely academic gymnasium type of school.
University of Akureyri is an important part of the services for the area.

Partner Meeting 1

Partner Meeting 1 was held at VMA Thursday and Friday, November 13th - 14th 2014.

Please look at the Agenda PDF version.

Margrét Jóhannsdóttir from RANNÍS, the Icelandic Erasmus plus National agency.

Seminar on workplacements. Friday November 14th 2014.

Please look at the slideshows used at the seminar.

9.30 - 12.00

Welcome and Introductions.

Jóhannes Árnason from VMA introduced the people attending, the partners involved in the project and the guests, many of whom are involved in public service in cooperation with VMA in Akureyri.

See a list of the people attending.

Jóhannes Árnason from VMA introduced the WorkQual Project.
A short slideshow explaing the WorkQual Project.

Tanja Halttunen from Axxell described their framework for workplacements.
Axxell´s framework for workplacements.

Soffía Gísladóttir

Agenda for the Friday seminar on workplacements.