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Partner Meeting 3

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The third meeting in the WorkQual project will be held in the Netherlands.

The place is Harderwijk, a city / town in Gelderland almost in the middle of Netherlands. See Harderwijk on Wikipedia. Visit Harderwijk, in Dutch.

PM2 - Partner meeting 3 was held in Harderwijk, Netherlands September 24th - 25th 2015.

The Agenda for the meeting.
The people attending.

The venue.

Hereford is a city in Herefordshire in western England.
Harderwijk on Wikipedia.
Visit Harderwijk, in Dutch.
The Green Dragon Hotel, Hereford.
We held our meetings at Hereford Rowing Club.

Products from the meeting.

The minutes of the meeting with results.
The Media page contains several pictures from the meeting and from the products of the meeting.

Philip Broomhead from Hereford introduced Hereford and surrounding area.

The VMA website had news about the meeting.

Inventory of needs - phase of the project work.

Since the first meeting the partners have been working on the phase we call inventory of needs. In this project this involves contacting workplaces ans other "stakeholders" involved in workplacements.
Because of the different types of institutions involved and because the different countries have different VET systems we could not clone the inventory or do this precisely the same way with all partners.

Some of the partners used a survey to ask workplaces and others about their opinion.

A short report in English, on the inventory of needs.

In English, the results from the survey for all partners.