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Partner Meeting 3

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PM3 - Partner meeting 3 was held in Harderwijk, Netherlands September 24th - 25th 2015.

The group attending Partner Meeting 3.
Back row from left: Mikael Blomberg (Axxell, FI), Philip Broomhead (Broadshoulders, UK), Guðmundur Ingi Geirsson (VMA, IS), Ari Hallgrímsson (VMA, IS), Stein Roger Husås (Charlottenlund, NO), Bas Timmers IFSAT, NL), Torkild Svorkmo-Lundberg (Charlottenlund, NO), Charlie Wannop (IFSAT, Scotland).
Front row from left. Maarten Reckman (Het Idee, NL), Yveline Beraud (Nantes Terre Atlantique, FR), Harriet Jönsson (Axxell, FI), Mireille Rioual (Nantes Terre Atlantique, FR), Anna Sophie Hunstad (Charlottenlund, NO), Tanja Halttunen Hrafnhildur Sigurgeirsdóttir (VMA, IS), Jóhannes Árnason (VMA, IS) .
The group having lunch at Landstede ROC.

The Agenda for the meeting.
A narrative in Icelandic about the trip and the meeting.

The VMA website had news about the meeting.

The venue.

The place is Harderwijk, a city / town in Gelderland almost in the middle of Netherlands.
Harderwijk on Wikipedia.
Visit Harderwijk.
Hotel Monopole, Harderwijk.
We held our meetings at The Zwart Wit 63 Football Club.
We visited the Landstede MBO which is a Vocational College in Harderwijk.
We also visited De Techniek Academie, a Technical School in Harderwijk.

Look at a few pictures from PM3 on our Media page.

Documents presented at the meeting

The partners had been working on different parts of the system being built.

Axxell did work on the process of matching student and workplace.

Broadshoulders had done work on preparing employers.
Broadshoulders had also done work on preparing students.

Axxell sent in an example of a learning plan

VMA worked on an overview of the preparatory phase.

VMA worked on a draft of a general agreement on workplacements.
VMA worked on checklist of the preparatory phase.
VMA worked on a draft (just the beginning) of an employer handbook, concerning workplacements.

Nantes Terre Atlantique did work on the things needed while the student is in the workplace.

Charlottenlund had done work on assessment.

VMA presented Quality Management systems and described the importance of a standard approach.

Jacques de Groot director of De Techniek Academie introduced the school.

Products from the meeting.

Building a structure for organizing workplacements.

Since the second meeting the partners have been working on describing a structure to the process of planning a workplacements.

Each partner took on the task of looking at a specific part of the process.