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Partner Meeting 4

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PM4 - Partner meeting 4 will be held in Nantes, France. April 6th - 8th 2016.

The group attending the meeting, from left: Maarten Reckman, Het Idee, Netherlands, Harriet Jönsson, Axxell, Finland. Stein Roger Husas, Charlottenlund, Norway, Mireille Rioual, NTA, France. Jóhannes Árnason, VMA, Iceland. Mikael Blomberg, Axxell, Finland, Tanja Halttunen, Axxell, Finland, Nina Hoseth, Charlottenlund, Norway, Hrafnhildur Sigurgeirsdóttir, VMA, Iceland, Guðmundur Geirsson, VMA, Iceland. Ari Hallgrímsson, VMA, Iceland. Anne Sophie Hunstad, Charlottenlund, Norway. Yveline Breaud, NTA, France, Bas Timmers, IFSAT, Netherlands. Philip Broomhead, Broadshoulders, England.
The Elephant is a landmark in Nantes City center.
WorkQual PM3 Landstede Lunch2.jpg

In Swedish. Information on the meeting in the Axxell College Newsletter.

The invitation to the meeting, practical things to consider.
An agenda for the meeting.
An editable version of the agenda for the meeting.
Information on the route to Hotel Amiral from train station.
Post event evaluation sheet.
A draft English version of the WorkQual Manual, the main product of the project.

The venue.

The place is the City of Nantes in the Pays de la Loire region in western France.
The group will stay at the Hotel Amiral in the center of Nantes and we will have the meetings at the Jules Rieffel School in the adjacent city of St Herblain.
Nantes on Wikipedia.
Nantes tourism.
France This Way about Nantes.
Hotel Amiral Nantes.
We held our meetings at The Jules Rieffel Agriculture School.

We had lunch at the Château de la Gournerie in Saint Herblain.

We had dinner at Le Lieu Unique Restaurant.
We had another dinner at Restaurant A Cantina.
We also had dinner at Le Restaurant l'Ecluse à Vertou.

We visited a Winemaker.

Look at a few pictures from PM4 on our Media page.

Documents presented at the meeting

Since the third meeting Philip Broomhead from Broadshoulders in England organized a manual from our former work describing a structure to the process of planning workplacements.
The partners have been reviewing and showing the manual to stakeholders in each country.

Broadshoulders - England.
A form to use to evaluate Health and Safety issues in a workplace.
A form to use to follow the induction of a student at a workplace.

NTA - Jules Rieffel France.
A report on a meeting with regional trainers commenting on the WorkQual Manual.
In French. Students must prove they are looking for a workplace.
In French. Students receive instructions about what they have to do during the placement, including the log book.
In French. Agreement on the workplacement.
In French. Guide for an apprenticeship master, employer.
In French. A booklet for the apprentice.
In French. An example of a visit report, a teacher visiting the workplace.

Charlottenlund - Norway.
In Norwegian. An application from school to a workplace on taking a student for a workplacement.

VMA Iceland.
An Icelandic draft version of the whole WorkQual Manual, the main product of the project.

A report on a meeting with Icelandic Directorate of Labour dicussing the manual.
Meeting with representatives from the Icelandic Directorate of Labour - signatures.
A report on a meeting with an employer - electrical company discussing the manual.
Meeting with an employer - electrical company - signatures
A report on a meeting with an employer - Akureyri Home for the Elderly.
A meeting with an employer - Akureyri Home for the Elderly - signatures.

A slideshow - report on the review of manual at VMA.

An example of a Workplace agreement.
A draft checklist for the preparatory phase.