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Partner Meeting 5

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PM5 - Partner meeting 5 will be held in Trondheim Norway. September 14th - 16th 2016.

The group attending the meeting, from left: Maarten Reckman, Het Idee, Netherlands, Harriet Jönsson, Axxell, Finland. Stein Roger Husas, Charlottenlund, Norway, Mireille Rioual, NTA, France. Jóhannes Árnason, VMA, Iceland. Mikael Blomberg, Axxell, Finland, Tanja Halttunen, Axxell, Finland, Nina Hoseth, Charlottenlund, Norway, Hrafnhildur Sigurgeirsdóttir, VMA, Iceland, Guðmundur Geirsson, VMA, Iceland. Ari Hallgrímsson, VMA, Iceland. Anne Sophie Hunstad, Charlottenlund, Norway. Yveline Breaud, NTA, France, Bas Timmers, IFSAT, Netherlands. Philip Broomhead, Boradshoulders, England.

Agenda for the meeting.
Narrative about the trip in Icelandic.

The venue.

The place is the City of Trondheim in the South Trondelag region in mid Norway.
The group will stay at the Comfort Hotel Trondheim , Krambugata 3 in the center of Trondheim and we will have the meetings at the Charlottenlund Videregaende Skole (Charlottenlund Vocational College).
Trondheim on Wikipedia.
A Guide to Trondheim.
Comfort Hotel.
We held our meetings at Charlottenlund Vocational College.

We had dinner at The Egon Tower Restaurant.
We had another dinner at The Tautra Monastery.

Look at a few pictures from PM5 on our Media page.

Documents presented at the meeting

A class of students studying Quality Management systems audited part of the Manual.
Presenting the WorkQual Manual.

Presenting the Project.

Invitaional letter in Norwegian for the finalconference.