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The partners are four colleges and two small private consultants, all partners have extensive experience with VET.
In some cases the partners are bringing in other companies or institutions to work with them.
Please explore the partner's websites and feel free to contact any of us.

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VMA - Akureyri Comprehensive College, Akureyri, Iceland.,

Jóhannes Árnason
Hrafnhildur Sigurgeirsdóttir
Ari Hallgrímsson
Guðmundur Ingi Geirsson
Verkmenntaskólinn á Akureyri is a comprehensive vocational college in Akureyri,Iceland.

VMA offers various study lines; purely academic preparatory study for university, art studies, different vocational study and training and a special needs department. The vocational deparments are: House building, electricity, electronics, metalwork, automechanics, ship machine engineering, food and catering, hair styling, assistant nursing, sports studies and business studies. Approx 1200 students.
International coordinator Jóhannes Árnason

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Broadshoulders Hereford, England.

Philip Broomhead
Adele Broomhead

Broadshoulders was set up to provide a service to European partners who were asking for external evaluation of projects.
The company has been involved in such projects since 2000 and still going strong. Through wide experience in evaluation, curriculum design, mentoring and work based learning, we have accrued ideas on how individuals learn and how to get the best out of people.

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Axxell Utbildning, Southwestern Finland

Tanja Halttunen
Harriet Jönsson>
Axxell was founded in 2008 and consists of several former schools in Southwest Finland. Axxell offers vocational education within 9 fields of vocational education and training for both youngsters and adults. Also vocational education for 24 upper secondary vocational qualifications. Axxell works within the Swedish speaking community in Finland with it's almost 1500 students and 300 fulltime teachers.
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Nantes Terre Atlantique, Nantes, France

Mireille Rioual
Yveline Beraud
Etablissement Public Local Enseignement et de Formation Pour Agriculture Jules Rieffel is a vocational four part school which depends on the Ministry of Agriculture: two secondary and high schools, an apprenticeship centre and a centre for adults which trains unemployed people or employees who need to qualify. The area of expertise is gardening, horticulture, agriculture and food processing. There are many work platforms to train people to get skills and knowledge.

The centre has two integration workshops, one in organic vegetables production with 15 employees and another in forestry work with 5 employees, the aim is the integration of people until they are back in good shape and able to work in competitive business.
As a VET school, Jules Rieffel has a strong network of companies in the area and is used to work and pool in a regional network of adult and apprentices centre.

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IFSAT foundation, Netherlands

Bas Timmers
Charlie Wannop

Het Idee, Netherlands

Maarten Reckman

IFSAT Foundation, Harderwijk, NL was established in 1996 to work with organic agricultural production, processing, economic and entrepreneurial activities. IFSAT is an international organisation, board members are from different European countries. The goal of the foundation is: education and training support for sustainable rural development.
IFSAT is working with Het Idee in this project. Het Idee is working with students and is exploring Mentoring methods.

Het Idee (the Idea) supports people in their personal development, so that their self-confidence, self-esteem and self-respect strengthens and they will be able to develop a new perspective toward themselves and their job opportunities. The company takes in people who have been unemployed or otherwise have had problems establishing a career, using the idea that work will lead to work.

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Charlottenlund Videregående Skole, Trondheim, Norway

Anne Sophie Hunstad
Stein Roger Husås
Torkild Svorkmo-Lundberg
Charlottenlund upper secondary school the largest school in Mid-Norway, located in Trondheim. The school offers general and vocational studies, as well as specially adapted education.

Ingvild Espelien will be connected to the project through her contact with Charlottenlund because of her textile workshop, Selbu Spinneri.