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The cover of the WorkQual Manual.

The major product of the WorkQual Project is the WorkQual Manual.

This manual describes a system of quality processes to use with workplacements. These processes can be incorporated into the quality management systems of vocational colleges or other training providers working with employers to embed a period of work experience or placement.

In addition to the manual in different languages we also publish other documents created in the project such as reports on different phases of the project work.

Products in English.

Bas Timmers presented the WorkQual Project at the ICERI conference 2015 in Seville, Spain..

Introducing the project.
A brochure on the project, the outside.
The inside of the brochure on the project.

A short slideshow explaing the project. VMA November 14th 2014.
A more detailed slideshow explaing the project.
Please look at the Gantt chart to view the proposed agenda for the project.

Inventory of needs phase.
A short report in English, on the inventory of needs.
In English, the results from the survey for all partners.
In English, the minutes of meeting 2 in Hereford, the foundation of the manual

Review phase Broadshoulders had done work on preparing employers.
Broadshoulders had also done work on preparing students.

The main output, Workplacement Manual.
The Manual includes examples of some of the additional sheets and documents needed when a school or a VET system will implement the processes suggested in the manual. Some additional examples are listed below. The Manual only suggests the sheets and documents to use but does not supply these as they will be different for different countries and different sectors or programs.
The manual in English, version 2017.
An example of a Workplace agreement.
A draft checklist for the preparatory phase.
In Norwegian. An application from school to a workplace on taking a student for a workplacement.
A form to use to evaluate Health and Safety issues in a workplace.
A form to use to follow the induction of a student at a workplace.
In French. Students must prove they are looking for a workplace.
In French. Students receive instructions about what they have to do during the placement, including the log book.
In French. Agreement on the workplacement.
In French. Guide for an apprenticeship master, employer.
In French. A booklet for the apprentice.
In French. An example of a visit report, a teacher visiting the workplace.

Final presentations.
Presenting the WorkQual Manual.
Presenting the Project.

VMA - Iceland and Products in Icelandic.

Bæklingur um verkefnið, útsíða.
Bæklingur um verkefnið, innsíða.

First phase, Inventory of Needs in Iceland.
In Icelandic, a narrative on the trip from Iceland to the meeting in Hereford.
In Icelandic, an Introductory letter for the survey.
In Icelandic, the survey, almost the final edition.

In Icelandic, results from Iceland sorted by sector.
In Icelandic, results from Iceland sorted by type of workplacement.

In English, results from Iceland sorted by sector.
In English, results from Iceland sorted by type of workplacement.
In English, results from Iceland written comments.

In English, VMA report on Inventory of needs.

Review phase
VMA presented Quality Management systems and described the importance of a standard approach.
VMA worked on an overview of the preparatory phase.
VMA worked on a draft of a general agreement on workplacements.
VMA worked on checklist of the preparatory phase.
VMA worked on a draft (just the beginning) of an employer handbook, concerning workplacements.

Final Phase. The Workqual manual.

Presentation at a staff meeting in VMA May 2016, in Icelandic.

WorkQual handbókin á Íslensku.

Stakir hlutar handbókar á Íslensku.

Forsíða og efnisyfirlit.
Inngangur og um handbókina og fl.
Verklag 1 um kynningu og 2 um að finna vinnustaði.
Verklag 3 um að undirbúa nema og 4 um að undirbúa vinnustað.
Verklag 5 um að fylgja nema í vinnustaðanámi og 6 um mat og uppgjör.
Um að rýna verklag, samstarfsaðilar og listi um skjöl.

NTA - France - Products in French.

In French, invitation to a meeting about WorkQual.

In French, slides introducing the WorkQual project.

France, attendance, signatures from meeting Jan 27 2015.
A report on a meeting with regional trainers commenting on the WorkQual Manual.

In English, steps in the apprenticeship process in agriculture in France.
In English, report from the meeting with employers Jan 27 2015.
In English, slides reporting from the employer survey.

Review phase.
Nantes Terre Atlantique did work on the things needed while the student is in the workplace.

Final phase
The manual in French.

Axxell - Finland Products in Swedish - Finland

Review phase. Axxell did work on the process of matching student and workplace.
Axxell sent in an example of a learning plan

Final phase
The manual in Swedish.
The manual. Axxell´s version in Swedish.

Netherlands - Products in Dutch.

The outside of the brochure on the project, a Dutch version.
The inside of the brochure on the project, a Dutch version.

Bas Timmers and Maarten Reckman introduced IFSAT and Het Idee and the work done with employers in Harderwiijk, Netherlands.
Bas Timmers and Maarten Reckman published the results from Netherlands.

Charlottenlund - Norway, Products in Norwegian.

In English, slides reporting from Norway.

Charlottenlund had done work on assessment.

Invitaional letter in Norwegian for the finalconference.

The manual.