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The cover of the WorkQual Manual.

The major product of the WorkQual Project is the WorkQual Manual.

This manual describes a system of quality processes to use with workplacements. These processes can be incorporated into the quality management systems of vocational colleges or other training providers working with employers to embed a period of work experience or placement.

In addition to the manual in different languages we also publish other documents created in the project such as reports on different phases of the project work.

Products in English.

The manual in English, version APRIL 2016.

Products in Icelandic.

The manual in Icelandic version August 2016.

Parts of the manual in Icelandic.

Forsíða og efnisyfirlit.
Inngangur og um handbókina og fl.
Verklag 1 um kynningu og 2 um að finna vinnustaði.
Verklag 3 um að undirbúa nema og 4 um að undirbúa vinnustað.
Verklag 5 um að fylgja nema í vinnustaðanámi og 6 um mat og uppgjör.
Um að rýna verklag, samstarfsaðilar og listi um skjöl.

Products in French.

The manual in French, version August 2016.