European Commission - Erasmus+ Project

Three consecutive projects finished.

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Five Partners have been working together for a few years in Leonardo and Erasmus projects.

IFSAT from the Netherlands led by Bas Timmers involving Charlie Wannop and Maarten Reckman.

Nantes Terre Atlantique / Jules Rieffel from France, led by Mireille Rioual involving Nicals Bizeul and Yveline Beraud.

Broadshoulders from England (formerly represented by Riverside training) led by Philip Broomhead involving Adele Broomhead.

Axxell Utbildning from Finland led by Tanja Halttunen involving Harriet Jönsson Beatrice Westerlund.

VMA from Iceland led by Jóhannes Árnason, involving Óskar Ingi Sigurðsson, Kristín Petra Gumundsdóttir, Ketill Sigurðarson, Hrafnhildur Sigurgeirsdóttir, Ari Hallgrímsson and Guðmundur Geirsson.

The projects these partners have worked on are:

POETE (Portfolio of Evidence to Europe) based on the ProVoTrain project in which the idea of the portfolio of evidence was developed.

Workmentor (