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Erasmus + project VET4Change.

VET4Change is an Erasmus + Strategic Partnership Project.

Project aim:

As globalization continues to interact with the economic and social balances of the territories, many actors are looking for tools and innovative ways to improve the dialogue between education and training systems and skills requirements in the territories. The challenge is to enable VET decision-makers and other actors to reinforce their posture and affirm strong territorial positioning within the European space, integrating global challenges especially human migration and the SDGS.

The project aims to find the tools and methods that enable the active listening of the territories and lead to the development of the most strategic competences for the decision makers.

Action learning and research methods will be used by partners to identify and enhance fairly quickly their strategy with the territorial, European and global challenges.

By understanding the approach of a territorialised political project, policymakers will be able to prepare to assume responsibility in a territory as an elected or member of a coordination or animation team.

Awareness of the European framework and global challenges should facilitate action by expanding the strategy. In the eyes of the partners, this step is the prerequisite for vocational training systems in line with skills needs in the regions, able to respond quickly and qualitatively.

A video mentioning some of the issues we want to explore during our project

Grid to explore territories.


Learning by working

Leader of the project, Project coordinator.
MFR Main office France
Olivier Gineste project manager,
Brigitte Gehin
Marie-Noëlle Tapia
Alissone Frandemiche

MFR Grand Est France Presenting MFR Grand Est
MFR Saulxures sur Moselotte France
MFR Saulxures Facebook
Sandra Cunin
Nadine di Matteo
Daniel Gillet
Fabienne Dersoir

Olivia Morel
Laurent Mingam
Francine Didier
Pascale Ract
Myriam Rodriguez

Inter Mondes Belgium
Marc Totté
Philippe de Leener

GAL Napoca Romania
Alina Baba
Adina Pascoiu

BREZA Croatia
Presentation about BREZA in English.
Ivana Šibalić

BSC Kranj Slovenia
Franja Gabrovšek Schmidt

Estonian Leader UnionEstonia
Triin Kallas
Endla Mitt Borderline Leader

VMA Iceland
Presentation about VMA in English.
Glærur um VET4Change verkefnið á íslensku, okt 2021.

Hildur Friðriksdóttir
Jóhannes Árnason
SAMNOR Cooperation among secondary schools in NorthEast Iceland
Ingunn Helga Bjarnadóttir
Ida Semey
SSNE Associaction of Municipalities in the North East Iceland region
Elva Gunnlaugsdóttir


The project will cover two years, possibly more because of the COVID situation. The plan is to meet a few times. Look at the time schedule for the project at the Gantt chart below.

A Gantt chart for the project.

PM1 First meeting: Brussels and online 14. - 15. October 2020.

Hildur and Johannes attending the first Partner meeting in VET4Change.

A video with a few words from all the partners in their own language.

Frama site for collaboration on the meeting 14 - 15 October 2020.
News about the first meeting on the VMA website.

Draft of the agenda for the meeting.
Preparation meetings
Online meeting 11. sept 2020.
Online meeting 28. august 2020.
Online meeting 21. august 2020.

Training 1 PM2 Grand Est France 11. - 15. October 2021.

VET4Change, October 12th 2021. Molsheim, Restaurant Le Bistrot du Barbu. From left: Vanessa (Rom), Ivana ( Cro), Daniel (Fra), Claire (Fra), Iulia (Rom), Lejla (Fra/Bos), Jóhannes (Ice), Triin (Est), Franja (Slo), Endla (Est) and Olivier (Fra).

News on the VMA website about students and teachers from VMA taking part in EYE in Strasbourg.

Draft of an agenda for the training in Grand Est 11. - 15. October 2021.

Notes from the training in Grand Est 11. - 15. October 2021.

Philippe De Leener presentation on culture 11. October 2021.

Philippe De Leener notes on culture 11. October 2021.

Olivia Morel, presentation on Leaders 11. October 2021.

Celine Armspach presentation on Youth in Grand Est 12. October 2021.

Johannes Arnason, narrative about the trip and the stay in Ramonchamp. Ferðasaga.

Johannes Arnason, slides about the week in Grand Est. Main items on the agenda.

InnoVET project 2017 - 2019.

Proj.No 2017-1-FR01-KA202-037438
The InnoVET project was looking at the connection between the regional dialogue and Vocational training systems.
[ The InnoVET website is unfortunetely not available ]
Video on the InnoVET project

Description of the InnoVET project and the results.

Description in Icelandic of the InnoVET project.

Notes and narratives from the project meetings.

PM1 - Meeting in Brussels Belgium - October 9. - 10. 2017

Narrative in Icelandic about the meeting.

PM2 - Meeting in Figeac France - November 6. - 10. 2017

Notes from the meeting sessions.
Narrative in Icelandic about the week in France.

PM3 - Meeting in Akureyri, Iceland - March 8. - 10. 2018

Notes from the meeting sessions.

PM4 - Meeting in Romania - November 5. - 9. 2018

PM5 - Meeting in Lithuania - November 5. - 9. 2018

Notes from the meeting sessions.
Narrative in Icelandic about the trip.

PM6 - Meeting in Slovenia and Bosnia Herzegovina - March 18. - 23. 2019

Notes from the meeting sessions.
Narrative in Icelandic about the trip.

PM7 - Final meeting in Reunion Island - May 18. - 24. 2019.

Notes from the meeting in Reunion.
Narrative in Icelandic about the trip and meeting in Reunion Island.