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WorkQual - Workmentoring Within a Quality Management System.

Structure for Cooperation Between School and Small and Medium-sized Enterprices (SMEs).

WorkQual is a project under the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships.
Another WorkQual is a service from Cornell University.

Please explore our plans and objectives in building a model of the things needed for the cooperation between schools and workplaces when sending students to workplaces.

The project´s identification is: 2014-1-IS01-KA202-O00180


The partnership has been working on a series of projects exploring the methods and needs we have to be able to comprehend and work with when discussing training in the workplace. See a discussion of the projects.
The ProVo Train Project (2005 - 2007) developed the idea of portfolio of evidence, the idea that a student is responsible for the proof of his/her experience and competence.
The POETE Project (2008 - 2010) transferred the Portfolio of Evidence methodology to different countries and sectors. See the background for WorkQual.
The Workmentor Project (2011 - 2013) developed a workshop for Workmentors, the people in workplaces who will support and help students in the workplace. The idea is that it is important that a student in a workplacement has a good experience, feels secure and feels confident with his/her competence. Therefore it is important to train workmentors and discuss this with them.
The WorkQual project (2014 - 2016) will develop an overview of the necessary things to be done in school and in the workplace to ensure that a workplacement is successful. We want to develop a standarized structure for the processes we need to follow with most kinds of workplacements.

These will be the chapters of our website:

Goals and objectives